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Top 5 countries with the Best Programmers

In 2016, HackerRank – a website which hosts survey competitions by giving out challenges to developers from all over the world on coding, scripts, algorithm and other challenges revealed that it wasn’t the United States or India who have made it to this year’s Top 10 list.

Yes, it might seem odd to a lot of people reading this article as we know the entire tech developing pioneers such as Bill Gates, Dennis Ritchie, Mark Zuckerberg, Ken Thompson, and Balakrishnan Varadarajan all originated from the US and the fastest growing programmers in the world are from India yet US was ranked on 28th while India secured its place on 31st in the competition. Why so? Then who made it to the Top 5 list of countries for the best programmers?

If you are a programmer or want to hire the best programmers from these Top 5 countries, then brace yourselves and keep on reading the list to get a brief idea for why these countries came up to be on the top five and what could be the costs of hiring these tech geniuses.

1. China

Apart from dominating the electronic and garment industry for several years, China has now become the nation with the best computer programmers as well. HackerRank’s survey tells us that these Chinese developers and computer programmers are sharp, intellect and faster than any other nation in solving mathematics, functional programming, language and data structure challenges.

Chinese schooling system teaches students to learn programming at their middle age in high schools. They solve programming challenges in their exams and coursework which helps them build up their skills from an early age that eventually leads them to be better in learning advanced programming in the university level. China also hosts inter-country competition like NOIp and NOI (national Olympiad in informatics) from which the gold medalists go to IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) to compete internationally. This tremendous practice perhaps makes them the best programmers to be found out there.

2. Russia

After China, Russian programmers secure their place in the HackerRank’s list coming at 2nd place. However, this does not mean that they are anyway less than China. With a score of 99.9% they missed the first place for one decimal point. The world has known Russian programmers as the number one hackers and often times this has been mentioned in the news on major publications. The Russians dominate the algorithm sector which is the most popular type of challenge on HackerRank and more Russian programmers took part into that and scored the highest than other nations.

3. Poland

Similar to China, Poland schooling system includes compulsory programming and coding modules to students from their high school level. The more you learn, the more you advance. This brought Poland users to be ranked the top in Java programming than other countries and secures their place on the 3rd in HackerRank challenge.

4. Switzerland

The Swiss take their pride in their invention of high-quality wrist watches since 16th century. And now another addition to their pride list are their computer programmers. Scoring top in 5 out of 9 tests, Swiss programmers are ranked on the 4th place according to HackerRank challenges. So if you are a programmer and want the best results from your employees, consider adding these programmers into your task force.

5. Hungary

Lastly on the 5th position on HackerRank list, Hungary scored the highest in tutorial based challenges. Programmers of Hungary are skilled because they have learnt how to code in their primary school education which gives them the capability to troubleshoot, decrypt, debug and other tutorial tasks to perform faster.


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