How Companies and Employees Benefit from Remote Working?

In today’s business environment, the cost of production is a major issue for many corporations. Many of  these companies have resorted to downsizing their company to cut their losses. However, there are also those who have found that rather than cutting jobs, they have certainly reduced expenditures by allowing their employees  work from remote places.

What are the Benefits for the Company?

Allowing remote workers to work for your company has many advantages especially in reducing production cost. For instance, electricity and power consumption will be reduced since your employees are working in their homes.

Also, you are saving on office space and furniture. Instead of renting a room or office space, you have now a virtual office where all of your workers are working from the comfort of their homes.

You can also save on office supplies like paper, pens, folders, etc. These are just small stuff, but at the end of the month, they will make up a considerable expense of your company. Also, not to mention the tons of coffee and pizza during break time!

What are the Benefits for the Employee

Now, the benefits of working as a remote employee for a corporate company are manifold. Working from a remote location, such as home and without commuting to the office on a regular basis is considered lucrative by many employees. It is more advantageous for women employees, who have to look after their home more than men employees and those, who are either on the verge of conceiving or have already conceived a baby. If offers more safety and convenience.

The employee can also be expected to have increased income, due to his or her saving on daily traveling cost. He or she can take less hassle of getting ready for the office, and much time is saved. Stress is also reduced since he/she is comfortable working at his/her own home, instead of sitting in a cubicle for the whole day.

Sometimes, the employee enjoys the freedom from being monitored by their superiors and also from working in a noisy environment of some big corporate houses. He or she is free to work at any point of time from a remote location and is not required to maintain office decorum such as wearing formal dresses.

Working remotely can also help the employee focus more time on his or her work rather than involving time and effort more in gossiping with fellow workers or colleagues in an office. Isolation is often a boon for those employees, who can get easily distracted in a social environment. For example, in an office, social gatherings can often distract employees who love their work more than anything else. Thus, remote working can be beneficial to an employee in several ways and also considered as an important factor for an employee’s career growth in the corporate world.

And lastly, the most important thing about working remotely on the part of the employee is the quality time he/she can spend with his/her family. Many parents nowadays are too busy with their work, especially when the office is far from home that they went to work too early while their kids are still in bed and arrived home late  when they’re already sleeping! It is a sad fact that we are working hard to provide our family’s needs but lose them in the pursuit of such endeavor at work.


Working remotely has changed the way people worked nowadays. Thanks to technology because it has offered a lot of advantages and benefits both of the part of the employer and the employee.