10 Qualities you should look for in a Good Programmer

Finding a highly-experienced and talented programming staff  is one of the most challenging tasks as a business leader. Since programmers do all their work in front of a screen, the process of hiring these professionals is highly critical. This is so important in order to maximize business returns.

But what are the qualities of a highly-skilled programmer? Apart from knowing the programming languages, there are certain attributes you should look for in a good programmer.  Here are ten qualities you should consider.

1. Impressive Technical Skills

The challenge that most hiring managers face in hiring a competent and highly-skilled programmer can be solved by using a checklist of requirements. However, you need to look at the big picture instead of requiring one year of Java and three years of C++. Prefer someone who has a lot of experience in older languages but has just added a new programming language to his skills. Several years of experience give the programmer a sound basis in other programming fields. Such a programmer will ensure that your business makes use of modern applications.

2. Willingness to learn

Technology keeps on evolving. What you have learned and possessed today will likely become obsolete in the next few years. A good programmer should be eager to participate in continuing learning opportunities and follow latest trends in the industry. Such a professional will ensure that your business moves with time.

3. Debugging Skills

Programming is not all about creation of codes. The programmer should be able to get to the route of the problem in a quick and efficient manner in case the software fails to work. A programmer who spends several hours of making changes blindly will waste a lot of your business time. Go for someone who will carefully investigate the coding until he gets to the source of the problem.

4. Program Solving Skills

We can compare the art of developing a new application to solving a hard mathematical equation. A good programmer has to strive to find the best way to make things work. There is no need to be told ‘this can’t work’ anytime you propose innovations for your business.

5. Grace under Fire

The truth of the matter is that programming can be a very stressful profession. Sometimes you have strict deadlines, and things seem not to be working. A good programmer will not run away from such situations. Your business needs someone who will continue to work calmly even when things are tough.

6. People Skills

Even though programmers work in front of a computer most of the time, they have to interact with coworkers, managers, and clients once in awhile. All programmers must have the ability to work with other people if you want to promote teamwork in the workplace.

7. A Business Perspective

Creation of one piece of software should not make you lose site of the big business picture. A programmer who is business focused should come up with new applications that can improve business operations.

8. Ability to Plan

A good programmer should learn as much as possible before jumping into a new project. The programmer has to analyze and design the structure of the business before he starts the coding process. Such approach will ensure that the new project meets your business needs.

9. Ability to Handle Failure

You will rarely come across a programmer who gets everything right in the first trial. You should go for a programmer who doesn’t consider failure as defeat. Persistence will assist your business to move forward

10. Respect for Deadlines

Most business projects that programmers work on always have deadlines. You need to get someone who respects deadlines to avoid jeopardizing your customers. It’s hard to meet some deadlines, but programmers should try their level best to deliver results within the set timelines.


Having gone through all these qualities, you now have all it takes to hire the best programmer for your business. Finding the right person programmer for your business is tough, but having one is so worthwhile. For more qualities of a great programmer, you can search from other sources.