Best Websites to Outsource Programmers

With the revolutionary change in the World Wide Web, the Internet has given people freedom to do their work or business much more easily than ever before. More business start-ups use the internet nowadays to outsource their work to freelancers available on online marketplaces.

Starting from designing a book cover, creating 3D graphics, building websites, video production editing, hiring virtual assistants, java programmers, legal writing, blog writing for various types of websites and a lot more could now be done through outsourcing on the internet. Working eight to twelve hours per day at your office could be tiring but not much of a problem if you can do the same work from your home by outsourcing your tasks to your online employees also known as ‘freelancers’.

If you are interested in expanding your business in a very short time, you would obviously require three important things: More time, energy and effort into your work. As we are human beings, our mind can only concentrate one thing at a time. It is impossible for a single person to work on three or four projects at the same time within a day. So what you would need is an extra pair of expert hands.

Below are some of the most popular and safest online marketplaces which you can use for finding experts from around the globe to do your tasks.

1. Upworkupwork

Formerly known as Odesk, it is currently the most popular freelance website on the internet which estimates that around 500,000 businesses are using their platform to hire employees to do their projects. Freelancers have set up their individual profiles with their portfolio which you can see and compare between one another and also you can give reviews about them after job completion. There is a job success score given to every freelancer which marks their competitiveness and skills among others. The higher means more clients have been satisfied with their projects done by them. Also, there are new freelancers which have expert skills but due to being a new user, they usually charge less than ‘Top Rated’ freelancers. So if your budget is tight then you can approach the newbies to do your tasks at a good rate. Upwork has two payment options: Hourly and Fixed-Price projects which you can sort out with your preferred freelancer after contacting them.

2. Guruguru

Just like Upwork, is also a renowned website known for hiring freelancers. Starting from programming, graphics work to writing blogs and web content; every kind of job has the best-fit freelancers ready to work for you in Guru. Unlike other freelancing sites which show you a list of freelancers profile for you to choose from, Guru’s specialized team shortlists the best freelancers qualified to work based on your given job description and forwards you the freelancer’s list making it compact and easier for you to choose from. Then the choice is up to you who to choose and send the job invitation.

3. Fiverrfiverr-logo

Fiverr is a rapidly growing ‘easy-to-use’ marketplace platform that opens up to you a wide variety of resources that you can use for your business starting with digital marketing, writing, translation, programming and tech, video and music, animation, advertisement models etc. all starting from a price range of $5. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. The freelancer’s profile is set up with a short video clip featuring them speaking about their skills and what services they are offering to you. If your project does not require highly skilled employees like that on Upwork and Guru, then head out to Fiverr to get your job done in the cheapest and quickest way.

4. Peopleperhour

pphPeoplePerHour has a very simple user interface just like Fiverr except that clients can also post their job advertisement to hire freelancers. After a freelancer watches the job post, he/she can submit a proposal to the client if they are interested to work on it. In the proposal, the freelancer usually states the skills or relevant past work experiences they have had related to the job and also mentions the amount that they would like to charge for doing the job. The process is really simple and time-efficient.

5. Craigslistcraigslist

Well, this is one of the oldest online marketplaces since the era of outsourcing jobs started on the internet. Craigslist is easy and all you need to do is register for an account and write your work details and categorize it under the job’s suitable section. People who are willing to do the task will contact you by email through Craigslist. The pricing, job details, duration etc. are discussed between the client and the freelancer afterward the hiring process.


Time is money, and the more time you lose, the more you fall behind than the rest of your competitors. The faster you finish your work, the faster money comes to you. Implementing good strategies to develop your business is very crucial and the internet helps entrepreneurs gain more potential clients or customers for selling their business products.

With the technological advancement in this modern world, everyone is some way connected to the Internet via their smartphones, tablets or notebooks. And with the advanced search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; you can find anything that you require within a matter of seconds.