Elite Developers

I will bet you a hundred bucks that if you are an elite developer, you are being underpaid.  The problem is that most developers suck at selling themselves and negotiating good salaries.  They get blinded by the free MacBook and foosball machine.

Guaranteed 20% raise.

I have been programming for over 17 years and have helped many people get their dream jobs – mostly friends and colleagues.  One thing I noticed over the years is that I always negotiated higher salaries than most other developers – even the ones that were better and more qualified than I am.

Join the Waiting List

It’s really pretty easy and you can do it yourself or if you suck at negotiating like most developers do, I can do it for you.  Let me help you get the salary you deserve.

I am not a head hunter, I am a developer like you.

This is how it works, I will get you the job of your dreams and I guarantee it will be at least 20% more money than what you are making now.  In return, you will give me 10% of your base salary.  That’s it.

Want more details?  Read on.

If you do not get a 20% raise, I will not charge you anything and will simply congratulate you on your new job.

Let’s run through an example, let’s say you are making $80k right now and I get you your dream job and it pays $100k.  You will pay me $10k and enjoy your new job and higher paycheck.  If you do not have $10k to pay right away, you can pay 15% monthly for 12 months which will be $1250 every month for 12 months.

Sounds good?

To maintain quality of jobs and candidates – after all my reputation is important to your success and mine – I am limiting this to only 5 elite developers at a time and I am fully booked but don’t worry, spots open as I place others in their dream jobs.

Join the waiting list and I will notify you as soon as a spot opens up.  It will be on a first come first serve basis.


The quality of candidates and jobs is my top priority and that is the reason I limit the number of developers I am working with at the same time.  I also want to make sure you are serious about this and not wasting my time and for that reason there is a $1000 application fee.  Don’t worry, if I don’t get you a job that you love in 6 months, you will get a FULL REFUND.

100% money-back if I do not get a you a job.