5 Awesome Advantages of Hiring Remote Programmers

Whether you are a corporate or a small business owner of a company that develops some great software, the first thing you need is a team of hands-on programmers. But here comes the big question, should you should hire full-time employees or go for remote programmers? Well, you are not alone! With the advent of work from home culture, most employers are asking this questions to ensure maximum productivity.

So, here are 5 awesome advantages of hiring remote programmers for your software development requirements.

  1. You can tap into the global workforce

    When you are recruiting for full-time employees, your talent pool is limited by geographic location. Thus, you are bound to settle for a resource residing in the same country and more often than not the same city. But what if you can get a pair of more skilled hands and a more intelligent mind at the same cost? Well, here’s the most awesome advantage of hiring remote programmers. When you are willing to hire remote employees, your talent pool expands globally. And when it comes to finding a reliable and knowledgeable programmer, you simply cannot settle for the second best.

  2. More productivity

    Believe it or not, remote employees working from home are usually more productive than your full-time hires. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, employees working from home are way more productive compared to those working in a traditional office set up. During the study, the entire workforce of Ctrip, a Chinese travel website was divided into two groups. One group continued to work in the traditional office set up, while the other worked remotely from their home for a period of 9 months.

And, here’s the interesting statistics the researchers found:

  • Remote employees completed 13.5% more calls.
  • Lower number of sick days among remote employees.
  • Less attrition among remote workers.

The scenario is same with remote programmers too. No matter how strange it sounds, you remote programmers would be putting in lot more time and effort than your usual hires.

  1. Cost saving

    Of course, you cannot hire a great resource without offering him/her the proper remuneration! But by hiring remote programmers, you can save loads of money that you would otherwise have to invest in infrastructure. For example, when you hire a programmer for your office he/she occupies some office space which you have to pay for; next you have to invest in furniture, a computer, spend on internet connection, spend on tea-coffee etc. By hiring a remote programmer you can simply cut off all these expenses, which is quite significant for any company, especially startups on a bootstrap budget.

  2. More flexibility for your employees

    Let’s face it, 10-7 cannot be the most productive time for all your employees! There have to be some night owls who simply stay half asleep during the first half of the day. Result? You end up paying for completely non-productive time and your employees end up cursing the inflexible office timing. Hiring remote programmers is the best solution for this issue. This way your resource is working on a timing best suited to him/her and you get the best possible outcome in terms of job completion. Isn’t it best of both worlds?

  3. Cut out the office distraction

    For a programmer, his/her own space is crucial for developing a great software. No matter how strange it may sound, a bustling office culture can actually be counter productive here, as it presents a lot of distraction. By hiring a remote programmer you can cut out this distraction completely, and the result is maximum productivity. The remote programmer you are hiring most probably has his/her own distraction free working space and can offer you way more in less time.


Today there are a number of tools available on which you can collaborate with your remote workers and get the best possible outcome. So, there is absolutely no reason for limiting your talent pool to a particular city or country. Use the gifts of technology and make the most of these 5 advantages of hiring remote programmers now!